Episode 61

"Living the United Methodist Way of Life Through "Unrelenting Grace" with Bishop Kenneth Carter” (Part 1)

Bishop Julius C. Trimble is the Resident Bishop of the Indiana Area of the United Methodist Church.

Bishop Trimble has the personal mission to encourage all people with the love of Jesus Christ to rise to their highest potential. It is his commitment to his personal mission that led Bishop Trimble to create the “To Be Encouraged” Podcast along with co-host Rev.Dr. Brad Miller.

Bishop Trimble says, “I am compelled by Jesus to share with you an encouraging word or two about Jesus, theology, the Bible, the pandemic, the environment, racism, voting rights, human sexuality, and the state of the United Methodist Church.”

To Be Encouraged with Bishop Julius C. Trimble is to be published weekly and is available at www.tobeencouraged.com and all the podcast directories.


In this episode (EP061), Bishop Julius C. Trimble and Reverend Dr. Brad Miller welcome Bishop Kenneth Carter as a guest to talk about his latest book, "Unrelenting Grace."

The five main takeaway points from this episode are:

1. The United Methodist way of life focuses on community and social holiness, rather than just aligning oneself with a specific set of doctrines. Ken emphasizes how important it is to be a follower of Christ and to live out the faith in the United Methodist tradition.

2. The central tenet of Ken's book, "Unrelenting Grace," is the importance of offering grace to others, rebuilding relationships, and offering second chances. The concept of "focusing on the we" is introduced as a means of connecting with each other and building community, regardless of our differences.

3. The third way approach means moving beyond binary ways of thinking about people and issues. It is about finding common ground, shared beliefs, and values, and working together towards a common goal. This approach is easier for local churches than for denominations, as people work together in community service, choirs, and prayers.

4. Orthodoxy should be generous and include everyone with God's grace at its heart. Wesley didn't think anyone was outside of the reach of God's grace, making him a great evangelist. The speaker believes in the importance of the Scriptures, creeds, and hymns, and has a high view of Scripture and believes in the articles of religion.

5. The podcast guest, Bishop Kenneth Carter, is an author of 18 books and is unapologetically United Methodist. He believes in the United Methodist connection as a way of life and emphasizes how important it is to apply the faith in practical ways. His latest book, "Unrelenting Grace," is a practical tool for churches and clergy dealing with the strain of disaffiliation.

Overall, this episode of To Be Encouraged emphasizes the importance of community, grace, and a practical way of living out the faith. Bishop Kenneth Carter's book, "Unrelenting Grace," is a valuable resource for those seeking to deepen their faith and become more connected to their Methodist roots. Join Bishop Julius Trimble and Co-Host Rev. Dr. Brad Miller and as they discuss with Bishop Kenneth Carter these important themes and provide encouragement to those who seek to follow Christ with an unrelenting grace.

This is part 1 of a 2 part interview with Bishop Kenneth Carter about “Unrelenting Grace” Part 2 is available at www.tobeencouraged.com/062.


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